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Jointsense Launching
Jointsense is going to be officially launched by 18th January 2012 by Wednesday. ...   more   
Date: 2012-01-18

Terms and Conditions
Getting a part of Jointsense means, you obey our following Terms and Conditions.
  • You must have submitted the registration form from your correct city/state.
  • Jointsense reserves the right to cancel or reject any registration without giving any further clarification.
  • You make money by both of the ways, i- utilizing your product and displaying ads on it, ii-marketing the product and earn via Jointsense affiliate plan.
  • There is no annual fee for Jointsense affiliate plan; however customers shall need to pay a recurring annual fee to renew the product.
  • You are subjected to spread correct and legal information regarding Jointsense Hosting Product honestly and not to use false statements while marketing.
  • You earn commission one successful sales and according to the network tree. Just signing up for Jointsense account doesnít mean your income tree will grow itself. Youíll definitely need to work for your affiliate network.
  • You are not allowed to demonstrate unrealistic income figures to attract others.
  • There is no limitation in recruiting new customers under a tree but every new recruit must need to accept our terms and will be responsible for his decision himself that he satisfies the laws and regulation applicable in his respective country.
  • All purchases must be made via (The official website).
  • Jointsense will not be responsible for any order if made from some else-where.
  • Jointsense works on a referral based marketing strategy and would not accept any entry without a reference. You must know your referral email address or ID in order to join Jointsense.
  • One a successful registration is made; one canít change his/her referral or up-liner.
  • Jointsense doesnít deduct tax from customerís income so they are advised to pay the tax to their respective country government.
  • The product will be delivered instantly after successful purchase and can be activated within account dashboard.
  • Youíll need to activate your web hosting pack within 10 days of registration. If not activated within the specific time duration, you may not be able to register your package and would need to re-apply for activation.
  • This restriction is made because company wants everyone to utilize the product before marketing it. Jointsense sells Web Hosting and not an Affiliate Marketing Plan.
  • You are not allowed to advertise other things to your down-line via private messaging system. If such an activity is found, your account can be terminated.
  • Uploading adult or inappropriate display picture will not be tolerated. You are suggested to upload your own recent pictures.
  • An account can be terminated at any time and any stage due to policy/terms violation. Terminated accounts can never be restored.